Rescue Centre for sick and injured animals

Cuan Wildlife Rescue

They are a registered charity dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds. It is the only wildlife rescue centre in Shropshire to offer a round-the-clock service.

Although full of helpful information about the rescue animals, a fabulous selection of products to buy in their online shop and useful details about their various fundraising efforts, their old website was in need of help.

I stripped out all unnecessary content, archived blogs from more than two years ago and removed plugins no longer in use. This helped me to create a clear and deliberate menu that will help visitors navigate the website with much more ease.

I refreshed the colour palette whilst keeping it close as possible to the original branding and added in ‘flashes’ of colour to break up the design of each page. The font used is almost the same as the previous website but the size and weight has been increased for greater legibility.

Their online shop had a makeover too and now has a cleaner and more modern design. Some products were featured on the website as individual pages but they hadn’t been integrated into the shop properly which meant a logistical nightmare for those who had to deal with the admin! Now Cuan have all their items in one place and have a much improved process for managing the e-commerce side of their charity.