Making second hand, first choice in Leeds

Leeds School Uniform Exchange

A project set up in 2020 by Zero Waste Leeds, a social enterprise building a movement to help make Leeds a zero waste city by 2030. It aims to make it easy for families to pass on good quality school uniform that’s no longer needed and, instead of buying new, find items of school uniform, for free.

At the heart of this project was the need to ensure that all information is easy to access and presents a clear message to all users of the website. This has successfully been achieved in a number of ways. First I started with the branding to make it consistent with Zero Waste Leeds. The use of the same colour palette and custom font throughout the website allows visitors to clearly see the link between the two. The design of each page on the website has been carefully crafted to combine impactful images with clear written content.

Next I focussed on the searchable map and created a dynamic and intuitive directory of exchanges. Visitors can access the information about them by using the map or simply selecting categories to browse and explore.

Finally I’ve trained a member of the Zero Waste Leeds team to edit the map so that new exchanges and pop up events can easily be added. The project is ever-expanding and plans to launch a community membership area on the website for those running exchanges is already in full swing.