AKA Adam Smith

Mr Junk Food Chef

Adam Smith is known as Mr Junk Food Chef. He’s the founder and co-director of the visionary, multi-award-winning, global initiative: The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP). It was set up in December 2013, to revolutionise the disposal of avoidable food waste into landfill, the pioneering movement's manifesto is to: feed bellies, not bins. The Mr Junk Food Chef is a personal portfolio website that allows Adam to showcase all of his achievements and his ever-growing influence and popularity as a professional speaker.

The website is a full screen one page site with smooth scroll navigation that creates impact and allows the user to easily find information. Adam was keen to include embedded audio from podcasts as well as video content from Youtube which I’ve implemented in the media section of the site.

Adam always received many requests to speak about his organisation and experiences so the contact form has been linked direct to his own P.A. so that she can manage his calendar more effectively on his behalf.