As a freelance web designer, my core services are focused on the things I do best: building brand new websites from scratch, revamping and refreshing current websites, digital analytics and supporting clients with bespoke monthly care plans.

I help all types of businesses get their online presence sorted out and I consider it an honour to work with so many amazing people. Two Cows Web was born out of the desire to make web design more accessible and to take the pressure off those tasked with 'sorting out' the company website. Rest assured that delivering excellent customer service is like my Yorkshire tea drinking habit - integral to life as we know it!

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Do you have a business, organisation or cause that needs a web presence but have no time to do it/no clue how to do it and quite frankly want someone else to take the pain of it away? That’s what I can do. I design you a website that works for you. No single size fits all and it’s my job to find the right solution for you.

If you already have a website but you are fed up and tired of it. Perhaps you want to improve its functionality or introduce a new feature.  I can help with that too.

I'll guide you throughout the process from initial planning to launch and beyond with a no-BS approach. Talking about web design is not everyone's cup of Yorkshire's finest so feel free to leave the tech to me.


Websites are not indestructible and over time, things can and do break. Let me take a look -I’ll troubleshoot broken plugins, investigate random code suddenly appearing where it shouldn't and inspect your website with a fine-tooth comb. Often I find that a recent update to a plugin has caused incompatibility issues or the theme is no longer supported by its developer. Once I find out what’s happening on your website, I’ll make suggestions on how to repair and get it fixed for you.

Alternatively you may simply want your website to load faster or appear higher up the search results in Google. I can conduct a thorough audit of your website to explain why your website isn’t performing the way you want and talk about what I can do to help.


You’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into your website and like any project with moving parts, it needs to be well-maintained to keep working. By opting for a monthly care plan, I help your website keep up with the ever-changing and evolving world of digital. From essential plugin updates to content changes such as new products or promos, I’ll build a care plan specific to your website needs.

If you prefer to manage your website yourself, I offer optional tutorials at the end of every website build project. This is either over Zoom or via Loom screenshare recordings. If I didn’t build your website, as long as I've had a chance to look at your site, I'll happily take over the reins and provide the support you need.

Do you want help with your website?

Of course you do! Not sure what you actually need yet? Let's have a chat.