Repair Your WordPress Website

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Everything has been going fine with your website. Until one day it breaks. It stops working. A customer tells you that they can’t purchase something on your website so they’ve gone elsewhere. The original web designer has disappeared, wants to charge you an arm and many legs to fix it or couldn’t give a flying wotsit. Sadly this scenario plays like a record on repeat and always leave you as the client completely dumbfounded and asking the question - how am I going to fix it?

Thankfully I love a challenge and I believe that there’s always a way to restore websites to their former glory. The Two Cows Web repair process is as simple as 1,2, done! I’ll log into your site, take a look at the problem and then present the options for fixing it including any further costs involved. You select the one that fits your needs and then ay carumba problem solved! Please note that in some cases there may be limited choice about what can be done – it all depends on what brought you to Two Cows Web in the first place.

Two Cows Web Repair Process


What do I charge?

My basic WordPress fix starts from £65. I fix most problems with WordPress sites within this fee.

How do I contact you if my emails stopped working too?

As well as your website, sometimes your emails may have also stopped working so feel free to give me a call on 07875529931 to discuss the problem.

Will I be able to fix it?

I'm a WordPress specialist so I live, work and breathe it. I make sure that I keep up to date with all the latest developments within the world of WordPress so you can be reassured that I've got your back.

Do you want help with your website?

Of course you do! Not sure what you actually need yet? Let's have a chat.